Are We Having A Moment Or Nah? You’ve written the personal statements

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Are We Having A Moment Or Nah? You’ve written the personal statements hunted down that letter of recommendation, kissed the computer display for all the best, and finally submitted that college application! Yay! Now what? Obtain a chair and go sit next to your mailbox until April. Become familiar with your mail provider and try to bribe these with all for the leftover Halloween candy you nevertheless have actually saved. Alright, can we not? You’ll do plenty of items to keep yourself occupied while you wait for those decisions.

Deciding on colleges isn’t any task that is simple. It is really pretty challenging and can be draining. We get that and we understand you have been working extra difficult. When the application is submitted, let us do our thang and progress to know whom you are. It does take us a while to obtain through the applications that are many receive. Since we do read each and every one, you will be hearing from us around April 1st. There’s a lot you can do between now and then. I am aware you are already thinking concerning the financial aid applications, so We won’t go into that right now. I shall enter reminding you that you’re a senior in high school! It’s time to start enjoying your year that is last in school and getting back once again to the things that you put on the back burner for anyone college apps.

Keep in mind once you and your friends had been likely to choreograph that flashmob promposal? Or how about that play you really wanted to try away for at school? You did not just forget about any particular one cutie you’ve always had a crush on right? You told yourself you’d finally work up the courage to ask for their Snapchat-do it! Of program, you’ve kept many assignments to complete and duties to manage but cannot forget to take pleasure from the fun stuff that senior year has to offer.

This might be a time for you to work hard, strengthen your relationships with family and buddies, build new relationships, and mentally get ready for what lies ahead. It’s simple to get overwhelmed when you start thinking about exactly what will happen after graduation-I know the feeling all too well. Well let us scale back for minute and look at the present. I promise you that everything will be fine after graduation. Life has a way that is funny of itself out and you need to accept that and try to savor each minute.

Inhale….exhale….let’s start enjoying the brief minute at hand.


Just What have you been going to be when you grow up? What do you want to study in college? What task are you going getting after you graduate? They are the types of questions that you may be hearing from many different people in your daily life. Is it stressing you out? I am aware for darn sure it absolutely was the most part that is stressful the college procedure when I was at the thick of it. Now, the people whom are asking these questions suggest well, also if it feels as though they are typical up in your business sometimes. I understand that you need to walk that fine line between knowing that and making sure you are able to state yours voice.

Are you not sure what you are likely to be whenever you grow up? Have you been not certain what you want to study in university? Are you not sure what you are going doing after you graduate college? Now, read carefully….IT IS OK! If you aren’t sure about the future, do not worry. You may not need to know what you desire to be when you develop yet. You lack to select what to learn in university yet. There is no need to consider what’s going to happen after you graduate from college yet. While these relevant questions have good intentions, they shift your focus on the end result rather than the journey. Planning to college is focused on the development that you encounter throughout the journey.

Yes, college will teach you some amazing skills to make you a great and scholar that is well-rounded add value to any company that you choose to share your talents with. University will even make certain it is possible to handle challenges with elegance, understand the many different kinds of personalities that you can get, and provide you with the confidence to navigate your self in this world. The only way it’s possible to soak those perks up is if you allow yourself. When you start focusing so much on the final result, you certainly will miss all of those possibilities to enjoy the journey.

My advice on handling those tough questions you are battling them internally is simply understand that everything will work out whether they are coming from others or. It could be difficult to wrap the head around that, but trust me when I say you feel that I know how. I experienced all of the questions also it had been irritating to answer them whenever used to do not know the answer myself. We realized that once I started trusting what life had to offer, We was much more prepared to take on possibilities that allowed me to discover the answers.

Me Time?

You are stressed, over worked and just want to sleep in. It is the time of year where your calendar is jam packed with every thing from assignment work to the college application deadlines that you have been dreading. We want you to exert effort difficult to manage your time and meet all deadlines. However, sometimes you might should focus on ‘me time.’

You’re probably wondering what ‘me time’ is. Well, it is a time that is personal set aside to regroup, refocus, and relax all on your own. ‘i have no right time for myself, Sanjeev! Colleges won’t accept me if they know I was being sluggish!’ Just breathe, you are going to be fine. Numerous, extremely formal research reports have shown that taking time yourself to do something you enjoy can make you more productive in all of your tasks. I’m an unofficial researcher on this topic, so I’ve done numerous studies on me time to see if it really assists and the outcomes reveal that it does!

Once I was in college, I packed any spare time in my schedule with something to do. I was always busy whether I was doing homework, reading, studying, working, volunteering. Now, do not get me personally incorrect, I’m busier than ever but we found the trick never to losing my brain. I devote some time for myself to get make a move that I want to do and I do so on my own. Often times, I explore nature or spend hours in a thrift store looking through ‘grandma clothes’ as my mom calls it and simply being relaxed by it. I also want to cook, therefore I can invest an entire afternoon preparing components and cooking. Of course, we all have those fantasies where we just want to lay around and do nothing. Which was a foreign concept to me. How could someone just lay around and not have any such thing to think about? Well, I attempted it one day plus it was amazing! It’s such a way that is great rest your system and mind.

Earn some time in your super schedule that is busy inhale a little and take a break. Your ‘me time’ should be something you look forward to and cherish. It could be a small treat for working therefore hard and also you should always understand that you’ll need it. Even though my routine may still be pretty busy with everything happening, I make more of an attempt to do one thing to center myself. You need to look forward to your personal time and also have the same effect as we do, ‘yaaaaaasssssssssssss!’

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